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Buying a home may be the most important purchase of your lifetime! No two home inspectors are the same. See my resume on the About Us  page on this website for more information. Receiving good value for your home inspection should be the goal in choosing a home inspection company not the cheapest fee. Having your new home inspected by a trained and qualified professional will provide important details and information that you need to make an educated decision on your potentially new home purchase.

Home Info Inspection Fee $
1 Floor Condos
1 Bedroom     325
2 Bedroom 335
Rowhomes & Townhouses
Up to 1999 Square Feet 390
2000-2999 Square Feet 410
3000-3999 Square Feet 425
4000-4999 Square feet 450
5000 Square feet and up       Call for Price
Single Family
Up to 1999 Square Feet 410
2000-2999 Square Feet 435
3000-3999 Square Feet 460
4000-4999 Square Feet 525
5000 Square Feet and Up Call for Price
Homes over 100 Years Add $75
Multi Family Homes Add $75 per unit
Detached Structures  Call for Price
Additional Services
Radon Testing $130
Water Quality Analysis Call for Price
Termite/WDI $75

- Home Inspections can be
  scheduled 7 Days a week.

- All Home Inspection
  Reports are emailed by 9am
  the following morning. A
  hard copy is also mailed
  to your home.

- All computerized reports
  contain numerous color
  photos and are typically
  between 20-30 pages
  depending on the
  condition of the home.
- The length of the home
   inspection will vary
   depending on the size
   and condition of the
   home. The average time
   is generally between 2-4

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